Ghastly Creatures© Horror Collection
by Norma Jean Almodovar
Find Anything Halloween
Alien Queens
Chefs du Mort©
Skeleton Crew©
Skeleton Crew©
Evil Giecekians©
Grim Reapers
Skeleton Crew©
New Orleans Madams
Skeleton Crew©
New Orleans Musicians
Skeleton Crew©
New Orleans Pimps
Skeleton Crew©
Swamp Monsters
Mad Scientists

Someone stole the package of doll characters being sent to Stan Sklar in Miami, Florida which was left outside by the Fedex delivery person on November 9, 2007. The package contained 8 one of a kind doll characters for Stan, who is in a physical rehab center following a car accident earlier this year in which he broke his back.
These dolls represented many many hours of hard work and are irreplaceable. If you are the thief who stole them, please return them to the address from which you took them.

The following characters were in this box:
Chef Julian Child
Grim Reaper Jim Jones
Killer Clown Val Gore
Swamp Monster Curley
Mad Scientist Dr. Theophile Kevorkian
Evil Giecekian Ra
Wolfman Phil
Alien Queen Inanna

Images of these characters can be found on the corresponding pages for each category. If anyone attempts to sell these characters on eBay or other auction site, please be aware that they are stolen items and anyone caught buying them will be considered an accomplice to the thief.

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